Keeping track of the CCB (contentment cottage blog) and D’s web sites is about all I can manage when it comes to cyberspace these days. Kind of a let down when I think of the number of sites I worked on back in the old days when I did web-site design 24/7.

This week, for instance, there hasn’t been a whole lot going on here at CCB because I’ve been rewriting D’s site.

If you’ve visited the site before you’ll see the changes right away.  If you’ve never been there here’s what has changed:  It no longer reads like a resume or an application for a “Pastor’s position”.


Because our vision has changed and grown. We have called a halt to the “application process” altogether. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that when you ask and the answer is always no — when you seek and find nothing — when you knock and every door is closed — you’re asking and seeking and knocking on the wrong doors.

As of August 20th, we are engaged in a 40 day prayer adventure, asking God to show us what He really wants from us. On day nine God said, “It’s not a problem if one door closes. It IS a problem if you don’t realize you’re being re-directed to something SO Much Better.” That day we celebrated our 35th Wedding Anniversary. God’s been directing our steps for a good many years.

On day 11 we started talking about RV-ing full time. Over Labor Day weekend we wondered, “maybe the reason we were sent to Arizona in July was to see how much better the whole climate would be for our health. The area checks so many boxes on our “where we would like to live outside of Cali” list.  Wednesday night we went for sushi and Dick said, email our Realtor friend and ask if she would be willing to help us find a place to live down there.

So…here we are…maybe we’ll put our house on the market and move to Tombstone…maybe we’ll put our house on the market, buy an RV and go full time…maybe we’ll stay right here and continue to just be right  here? ???   Maybe we’ll just continue to pray for another three weeks and see what happens.

In any event—after much prayer and study— addresses our only message for the foreseeable future.  The problem we’ve had is wanting something so-o-o-o badly for years, thinking we were on the cusp of having our vision of full time ministry fulfilled over and over, and then having it dissolve into “something that might have been” – again and again.

Unless I’m very much mistaken,
that’s the definition of insanity!

So…we’re choosing to stop the insanity! And that means our online presence must reflect the changes.  Now it meets the requirements, and I can get back to posting at CCB a few times a week.

Today is Day 20 of 40… join us in prayer if you’d like to and  see where we go from here.