what do you think?

“Does God expect Christians to Vote? Well…here it is Dear Hearts. I’ve been holding this in for quite awhile, but today seems to be THE day to put it out there and let the chips fall where they fall. My prayer is that we can all still agree in love. But…if not, God will always…

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love the look

So… today was devoted to giving the Blog a new look. I love it! Maybe a little sentimental, but I am, quite honestly, bored with modern, white, cell-phone-ready designs. This design speaks to my need for the imaginative. Click on over and look around. I’ll be interested in hearing your thoughts.

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our current storm

As we move into November 2020 I want to share a bit about were I’ve been since mid-August. I haven’t been writing. I haven’t been drawing. I haven’t been doing much of anything actually. “Why?” you may ask. Well…to be perfectly honest with you…I’ve felt the need to isolate the Cottage from the “dirt storm”…

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personal truth

Over the past couple of weeks I have been “in time out” –taking a break from social media, main stream media, and the world in general. It has been a time of refreshing and restoration for my soul. As often happens, when seasons change, and I take time alone with The LORD, there comes a…

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contentment or resignation?

“I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content.” Philippines 4:11 Don’t confuse contentment with complacency. God hasn’t invested His Son, His Spirit, His Word, His provision, His authority, His faith, His armor and the keys of His kingdom into you so that you could live a life of passive resignation. True contentment…

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During our Quiet Time yesterday morning, for some reason I decided to look at the December 2019 prayer pages in my Journal. The following entry, dated 12-29-2019 is what I found! In 2020 – Walk in the Spirit – Expect great things – Abba, are we to return to church in the strength and power…

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guard your heart

Where will your future come from? If you are like me, you think about the future. You try to imagine what is in store for your family, your job, your living situation and your health. Normal people desire a happy, prosperous future. But is there anything we can do about it? “A good man out…

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take a better selfie

“The Lord your God is in your midst,A Warrior who saves.He will rejoice over you with joy;He will be quiet in His love [making no mention of your past sins],He will rejoice over you with shouts of joy.” Zephaniah 3:17 Amplified Bible (AMP) I don’t think there are many of us who have a mental…

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what are you planting

Is it a Seed, or is it a Weed? by Barry Bennett God has been speaking to me a lot about seeds. I see sowing and reaping in every corner and level of our lives. Everything is potentially a seed. Every thought, word and action are seeds that will reproduce according to their kind. Everything…

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Noah notes

“I have always thought that Noah was safe inside the Ark because he built it according to God’s specifications. I thought that perhaps it was the strength of the gopher wood and the soundness of the architecture that ensured that the waters of the flood would not come into the Ark. But today I encountered…

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