I have a bookmark bearing this quote: “When life give you lemons – make lemonade.”  Early this morning there is evidence of spring, and the promise of another crop of lemonade in the garden.  The Meyer lemon we planted last summer is all but bursting with flowers.  I know the green fruit should probably be picked and discarded before the new lemons begin to set on, but so far I haven’t had the heart to do the deed.

This exquisite iris, blooming next to the front steps, just outside of my office window is the reason I took the camera to the garden this morning.

I love the soft lavender and cream against the backdrop of dusty miller.

These are old plants and sorely need to be divided.  It would be such a shame to lose them for lack of care.  I just hate to tear up the bed, leaving the scars of transplanted chromes over the summer.

Oh well.  Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.  It’s beautiful right now, and I’ve always been one to look at things in the moment.
Speaking of “in the moment” I got a couple of shots of the wisteria today, too.

I just wish there had been one of those big bumbling black bees in the flowers…instead of that fly in the lemons.

Ha…isn’t that the way it goes?

Full circle for this post…”when life gives you lemons…

Have a beautiful day,

see ya soon