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permanently stupid

“Don’t do something permanently stupid just because you’re temporarily upset.”

author unknown

Yesterday I was ready to throw in the towel. Again.

Sometimes blogging is a thankless occupation.

Writer’s block happens!

Comments are all spam…nobody listens…nobody cares! Blah, blah, blah.

So I prayed:  “Abba, I come with a question that has repeated itself again and again. Do I take down all of my internet stuff?  Please give me an answer…Yes or No. Once and for all!”

And when I went to my Facebook page to deactivate the account I found this:

Hey!  I’ve done that. In fact I did it about a year ago.  Dumped everything from nanaellen.com that I’d been working on since forever. Then came to my senses after the crisis had blown over, and wanted to put some of it back online.

Guess what?

All gone!

Yep! The only things left were some blog pages published with Live Writer and the old, old HTML pages written during the Design phase of my life.

As D and I shared this morning over breakfast, I admitted there is a pattern here. I’ve done something ‘stupid’ too many times to count over our years together, in too many areas besides blogging.

Gonna make this little bit of wisdom my motto for the foreseeable future. No desire to be permanently stupid. Occasionally rash…maybe. But as my mamma used to say, “look before you leap, think before you speak.” Etc. Etc. Etc.

I’ll try.

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