Still working on it…

Yesterday I was upset enough to consider taking Contentment Cottage off-line permanently. Today…not so much. And while I’m still not over being temporarily upset, I am past the temptation to do something permanently stupid.

So…for the foreseeable future…you will continue, if you are interested, to hear about life at Contentment Cottage on a more or less day to day basis. The stuff I’ll share will continue to be varied and as real as I know how to make it.  One day it may be D and the wookie making pizza, another day a testimony to the LORD’s great grace and mercy in our life; while still another day I may dare to post a painting or a craft project straight from a bygone era.  It’s all about how I’m feeling on any given day.  That’s what blogging means to me.

What one chooses to put in a blog is akin to a private forum, a telling statement of tastes and pleasures. Some blogs, like my Contentment Cottage, are for your eyes only: a collection of anthropomorphic animals and toys playing their way through stories for children long since grown to adulthood; an attempt to impart life lessons to younger Christians by divulging extraordinary moments of closeness to Christ; and bunches of other stuff that serves as a personal reminder of the ups and downs encountered in every-day living.

Other blogs may draw their visitors into a world of home decor, food preparation, child rearing, healthy life-styles or a myriad of other subjects dear to the heart of their author.

Each blog carries with it the creativity and charm of the artist who offers it to the world. What the world chooses to accept or reject is beyond the scope of the artist’s control. For those reasons, I have chosen to stop trying to dictate how the world of the web accepts or rejects my blog posts and simply enjoy the creative process involved. Hope that’ll be okay with y’all.